This seasons persimmon graft is fruiting!

I am an hour north of Dallas and grafted a male persimmon to Yates on March 29. After I did it, realized that I was probably way too early. I watched it and hoped that it would wake up as most of my grafts typically respond in 17-20 days. After several weeks I thought it was done and I chalked it up to a lesson learned. On day 33, I was walking by and noticed it was leafing out. Fast forward to today and it appears to be developing fruit. I have grafted a couple of persimmon but have mainly done pear. How common is fruit development on same season grafts because this is my first? Thanks Rick.


I had one lasts year that I grafted at the end of April that produced 3 fruits. I pinched them off as they would have been too heavy. It hasnt produced any this year.

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I’ve seen it happen with Lehman’s Delight (virginiana) and Tam Kam (kaki) and maybe one or two others, but I always pinched them off. The Tam Kam seemed pretty random, but I grafted 2 separate trees to Lehman’s Delight last year, and both tried to fruit, and they’re both loaded in flowers this year, and I’ve read that Lehman’s Delight is especially precocious, so I believe it. Grafting onto an established volunteer rootstock about the size of the one in your photo, which is what I mostly do, most of my persimmons fruit the second year after grafting, but a significant number will fruit the first year after. Virginianas, on average, seem like they might be just a little slower to begin fruiting than kakis, but in my experience the second year after grafting is most common for both.

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