This seedling pear rootstock check out that growth pattern

Ever had that seedling pear with very unique genetics? This one is one of mine that I’m working on. It fruits quickly lets see how many people know why. It’s interesting this rootstock completely influences whatever scion wood is added to it. It’s extremely difficult to graft. @fruitnut offered a great t-bud tutorial that I took advantage of to graft this tree and It’s sibling. They are easily the hardest trees I’ve grafted. Quince does not do well for me but this pear rootstock gives me the same fast fruiting desired effect. I have had insane growth on these trees. I’ve been getting pears from them for years. I did not bend those branches or alter the growth they do that on their own. I think cloning these trees could be beneficial for many reasons.
T-budding tutorial


Interesting how the lower branches grow out and down while the upper branches have a more upright growth to them.


crataegus ?

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Good guess but no it’s callery. It’s from a group that are particularly unusual! The entire group is a plethora of unusual genetics. When they were small some even grew in a corkscrew pattern. They are seedlings I grew of an unknown cross. When I grow seedlings I often paint them with diseases e.g… fireblight to isolate unique genes. They are difficult to graft and that partial incompatibility can be overcame easily with certain interstem e.g… my small yellow pear. That small yellow pear is of unknown heritage I bought it as kieffer years ago but it was likely a seedling that grew with the kieffer sent to me by mistake. Perhaps there was another explanation. No-one knows what that small yellow pear is and most assume we never will. Many now call it Clark’s small yellow pear to identify it.


Doesn’t beutifolia have similar growth habit?

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Might ‘Pyrus beutifolia’ be the same thing as ‘Pyrus betulifolia’?

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It’s possible it could be a cross between callery and BET but its no doubt got callery leaves and growth habit.

These trees are incredibly productive