This spring's nursery orders

Besides raintree, lol

I’ve got orders through One Green World, Burnt Ridge, Sacred Succulents and Jung’s (I know, I had a gift cert and they are one of the few offering the haskaps I want)

OGW I ordered: magnolia vine (Eastern Prince) and actinidia polygamia Hot Pepper.

SS: chilean guava and ephedra.

Jung: haskaps (borealis, tundra and pollinator), an olive and goji (life berry), Mara Des Bois strawberry

BR: elderberries, Loch Ness berry, chinquapin, figs

How about you? Or, any comments on my selections this year, especially regarding the actinidia and magnolia vine?


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Nourse: Invicta, Tixia, and Hinnomaki Red Gooseberries, and Chandler blueberry

Cummins: Grimes Golden apple and White Gold Cherry

GrowOrganic: Ozark Beauty and EverSweet strawberries

Thanks for listing Sacred Succulents.I had never heard of them.They have a lot of unusual and interesting plants. Brady

They have really good ratings on gardenwatchdog and they were the only reasonable source I could find for Flamingo chilean guava. They were incredibly responsive to questions via email and are holding my order until the beginning of April (per my instructions)

The catalog is very strange to navigate, but there are treasures there I’ve seen no where else.


Those sound like great orders!

I already received a Yates persimmon from Burnt Ridge - excellent!

Already received Raintree - pawpaw Mango, Sweet Treat pluerry, Pixi Cot apricot - for container, Arbequina olive- for sunroom, and 5-variety apple with Jonagold, Chehalis, Summer Red, Akane, Beni Shogun.

What I’m waiting for now is much more iffy, but who knows? I ordered scion from Fedco. First I researched each variety for things like bloom time, disease resistance, and flavor. These will be multigrafts. I have no need for more trees, but maybe more grafts will be OK. and some may not take. Who knows, maybe none! Apples - Granite Beauty, Keepsake, Priscilla, Redfield, Porter, McIntosh. Plums - Ember, La Crescent, South Dakota, Hanska. Most of the apple varieties will go onto a Jonagold, and another multigraft. I have rootstock for a couple. The iffy part is they dont ship for a while yet, which seems late to me for grafting in my climate.

I researched via the internet - I think, and and the Fedco site, and Apples of North America by Tom Burford, for varieties that sound interesting, all heritage types, and no patents,

This is only 6 new trees, all in the ground. Just a lot of varieties on multigrafts. It will give me something to putter around as I get oldet, and there is plenty of pollination potential in this mess.

I’m not sure if anyone will care about my list, but it isn’t too much work to convert from my spreadsheet, so here goes:

Indiana Berry: Osage, Prime Ark Free, Arapaho blackberries, Cabot strawberries, K-81-6, Lauren, Brandywine raspberries, Ben Sarek and Titania black currants, Crimson Red rhubarb

Raintree: Ben Lomond, Black Reward, Strata black currants, Nadia, and a few kinds of rootstock

Henry Fields: Romeo (only place to get it at the time) and Nanking bush cherry, Male Hardy (always good to get an extra pollen source…)

Roger Meyers: Lots of jujube rootstocks and scionwood

Bay Laurel: Monique and Autumn Glo apricot, Elberta, Loring, Mericrest, Liz’s Late, Flavor Grenade, Geo Pride, Sprite & Delight

Arboreum: Hesse plumcot, Mariposa plum, and Carmen peach

Cummins: Rubinette, Zestar! apples, Geneva Mirabelle, Kubanskaya, Opal plum

I’m not getting that much this year.

Grandpa’s - Satsuma plum. I debated about others, but ended up getting this one.

Raintree - New Berry blackberry, Nadia, Weeping Santa Rosa to replace the one I have that was damaged by the cold, not this winter, but last. The tree cannot produce branches, it’s so damaged. I’m pulling it.
Redstone Cornus Mas Seedling to help with polination of my other 15 Cornus mas trees.

Companion Plants - Coleus amboinicus var. (VARIEGATED CUBAN OREGANO)
1 x Ocimum basilicum var. (GREEK COLUMNAR BASIL)
1 x Ocimum ‘African Blue’ (AFRICAN BLUE BASIL)

These are hybrids, so I have to overwinter to keep. I’m trying various herbs to see what works for me. I grow 5 or 6 other basils from seed too, and also many other herbs, way too numerous to list.

Peppers from seed
Carolina Reaper for fruit tree spray
Ministry of Agriculture Scotch Bonnet for jerk sauce, and any other uses for hot peppers I need.

Poblano types for various uses
Tiburon hybrid
Caballero hybrid pepper
Ancho 211 hybrid

Paprika peppers (sweet and hot) I like making my own paprika
Feher Ozon Paprika
Cece Hungarian White Stuffing Pepper
Gabi Hungarian White Hot Pepper
Kalocsa V2 Paprika Pepper. Also one from Hungary probably the same pepper called Kalocsai. I’ll grow both and see.
Paprike Hot Peppers
Sibirischer Hauspapri
Szeged Hot peppers

Italian sweet peppers for various uses
Jimmy Nardello
Corno di Toro Rosso Pepper

New Mexico type chili’s to make green chili’s and green sauce, and also red sauce.
Todo Dia Mira El Sol Chili Pepper
NuMex Sandia Select
NuMex Joe E. Parker
NuMex Heritage Big Jim
Big Jim Legacy

Misc. peppers
Ozarowska Sweet pepper
Doux D’ Espagne Sweet Pepper or Spanish Mammoth
Pointy Kaibi #1
Donkey Ears AKA Slonovo Uvo
Yellow Monster

Jalapeno peppers
NuMex Vaquero
Jalafuego hybrid

Tomatos from seed
Cherry types
Blue Gold Berries
Snow White

Sauce or paste:
Amos Coli
Big Mama Hybrid
Costoluto Fiorentino
Costoluto Genovese
Cow’s Tit
Polish Linguisa
San Marzano Redorta Select
Super Italian Paste
SuperSauce Hybrid

Berkeley Tie-Dye, Pink

German Red Strawberry

Indian Stripe Potato leaf

Drew, you grow a ton of tomatoes and peppers. I grew 8 types of tomato last year (for my wife), but am scaling back this year. I’ll focus on a couple productive ones, and spend the extra space on potatoes (for me :slight_smile: ).

My order from Main Potato Lady:
Mountain Rose
Adirondack Red
All Blue
Magic Molly- dark purple flesh
Papa Cacho- 6-10" long red fingerling from Peru
Laratte- tan French fingerling

That’s a lot of Cornus mas plants,Drew.Are any of them fruiting yet?I have one that does,purchased at a local nursery a few years ago,but don’t know the variety.I think an earlier post of yours,showed fruit that were very good size.Is that from one of your trees?Mine are okay size,but nothing like that.Happen to know the names of some of the larger varieties? Thanks,Brady

That photo was from another grower here in MI. No, mine have not fruited! They were seedlings, only 1 foot tall. Growing at my cottage in a very harsh environment. 4th leaf this year, I don’t expect fruit till 6th leaf. Only 3 feet tall. Mine are probably a small fruited type.
For big fruited types check Whitman’s!
Pioneer, Bigfruit, and Redstar are huge!

Here i a photo of the hedge (on the right) from last fall. Still small trees!

Here just after planting

Here is a hedge from some university of cornus mas

A close up…

Bob, I’m only growing one potato this year. I grow garlic too, and like this place, and they have some potatoes too, not many but the purple and fingerlings look good!

Also I know a guy who grows potatoes from seed, and he developed many crosses.
I don’t have a link, not even sure he sells the seed?

This year I’m growing Yukon Gold Potato.
Two types of garlic this year
IDAHO SILVER (Silverskin)
Original source unknown. Bulbs are a beautiful creamy silver color, good size and character. Reddish-pink cloves. Well adapted to northern interior climates with cold winters. Mild and sweet baked. Raw, starts slowly with the heat building to very hot

KILLARNEY RED ( Rocambole )
Outstanding Rocambole from Idaho. Original source is unknown. Our best producing Rocambole year after year. Better adapted to wet conditions than most others.

Will be anxiously awaiting to hear from all you crazy kids on how your Nadia plum/cherry hybrids fare in the humid East.

The tree is sort of an unknown It is 50% Supreme cherry an Aussie cultivar. The plum is from CA.
But sold often in the Midwest. Black Amber the parent plum is available from Grandpa’s nursery a top 5 nursery for hardy fruit trees based in MI. So it should grow in the Midwest at least. Black Amber grows well in the Northwest, it’s a heavy bearer, and a fast growing tree. Dave Wilson has never offered anything 50% sweet cherry.

Hey I’m new to the forum but my Spring Nursery Orders Are;

Sanhedrin Nursery:

Dapple Supreme Pluot
Transcendent Crabapple

Adams County Nursery

Emeraude Nectarine
Sugar Giant Peach
Regina Cherry
Contender Peach
Shirk Plum

Bear With Me: you’ve got me wanting to try my hand at grafting! Mango is the only pawpaw I’ve ever had problems with. I have lost it twice (and it is the only pawpaw I have ever lost)

Bob Vance: I almost ordered some of the romance cherries from Henry Fields as well. I had crimson passion at one point, but the roots were so badly knotted it never thrived and died after its second winter. Roots showed no growth from when I had planted it.

Drew: I will be looking forward to hearing how Nadia does for you (as we are in very close proximity) and I may decide to get that instead of one of the aforementioned romance series cherries.

I ordered and added Cornus Mas Variegata from Whitman Farms last year. It was over 3 feet tall and a beautiful plant. I have another named variety in the yard, but the both of them are still too young to produce.

You grow “Carolina Reaper” for fruit tree spray? Does it keep the tree rats at bay? My favorite cherry tomato is yellow pear and I haven’t had to plant any for the past 3 years. Fallen fruit, and ones which split, have reseeded so vigorously that its among the weeds in my yard at this point (along with italian parsley). there’s supposed to be a Russian/Siberian tomato which is fuzzy and peach-like, and cold resistant. Have to hears of/tried that one?

No I have not tried or heard of the fuzzy tomato! I have grown some other plants from the nightshade family like ground cherries, and also Tzimbalo. I didn’t care for Tzimbalo, but I grow ground cherries every year now! I’m trying Goldie’s and a Amish cultivar this year. last year I grew Aunt Molly’s ground cherries. My reaper seeds didn’t germinate, I think I will skip it this year. I have to grow most of my tomatoes and peppers in pots. Only have room for 4 of each in the ground. Yes it works against squirrels. I lose zero fruit to squirrels, They think it’s all super hot at this point. I don’t really need to spray all year, just long enough for them to sample it. Last year a squirrel ran in circles, screaming it’s head off, after taking a bite of a sprayed tomato! . Funniest thing I ever saw! I have some African pepper powder from last year I can use instead.

I have two Carmine Jewel trees in pots, 2nd leaf. The Romance series is pretty cool. I want them all but I just don’t have room Once my dog is older, I may take more of the yard for trees, and buy a couple at that time.
The variegated dogwood sounds cool, and will grow at my cottage. I need to get one of those, I may order one, one of these days.

I will try a pepper spray to see if I can get nectarines and hazelnuts this year. I have never gotten a nectarine and last year I got 2 hazelnuts. I take it the capsaicin doesn’t absorb into the fruit? A quick google search tells me capsaicin is more soluble in alcohol than water, so perhaps I will make a pepper/rum solution for my sprayer (I have a bottle of rum which turned, that I use in the garden)

The other one is called Giant (or Fuzzy) Peach. I believe this is the russian one.

I’m not sure? I have not had any fruit to spray! Just tomatoes! It washes off with rain I know that. I don’t use a sticker, as I don’t want to taste the stuff myself! I just spray after rain. Really I just wanted to grow The Reaper, the world’s hottest pepper to grow the world’s hottest pepper! I’ll try again next year. I planted two seeds of each and many came up, so I’m out of room. My tomatoes are starting to come up! Yeah!
Awesome about this tomato it sounds like a real winner! it is widely available, and an heirloom, so open polinated which means I can save seed. I will for sure be growing this one next year! Thanks for the info!!
The fuzzy peach seems more rare, but found a place selling them too. The Wapsipinicon sounds better though! I’m going to ask my tomato friends about it.

Here’s some of mine from last year (tomatoes)

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I grew a fuzzy tomato last year called “Chinese Velvet”. Even though it’s called “Chinese”, it’s actually supposed to be a Russian tomato. Everyone who ate them, loved them. I already have people asking for them again this year. It was one of my most productive plants.

You can see a pic of them here.

Thanks Rob, i see Trade Winds has that one. I posted a message about Fuzzy tomatoes on Tomatoville, and I already had an offer for Wapsipinicon seed. So that is coming, I’ll grow next year. What a cool place for tomato growers. I have given some seed out but received hundreds in return.