This springs spray schedule

Today in Newport, RI I laid down my first spray of Triazicide and Nu-Film 17. I am nuts for the latter. If you have ever wanted an excellent sticker, this is one of the best. It took me a while, however, I pulled out and cleaned my battery operated two gallon sprayer and over and hour later I finished spraying all of my stone fruit, raspberries, roses, and blackberries (and pears) no apples, as they are still in petal. What a great feeling, as you get to look at all of the branches and trunks up close and cover any open wounds from sawing and pruning. I am down to 29 trees from 43, so because is a (four battery pack) took over an hour just to cover stonefruit and berries. I will spray the same mixtures on my apples and crabs in a few days. I am so happy I am strong enough to do this again. It felt good I had a really great day! How is your spraying coming along? Are you on schedule for your zone? Mrs. G


Today I found sticky gum coming out of my peaches. Also found flagged shoots. I have to spray for Oriental fruit moth. I’ve been spraying sevin since April but I made the mistake of just spraying the trunk in an attempt to not use more chemical than I really have to. I should’ve sprayed everything. I only have 10 peaches so I have to protect them!

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Well, I’ve done no spraying so far. And, except for more cedar apple rust than usual, I see no issues. (I bought and had planned to do dormant oil…but things bloomed a week or two early and I hadn’t sprayed and things were opening up…so I just skipped it.)

How much Nu-Film 17 do you use per gallon? I felt like my application rate may have been too dilute. I used 1/2 tsp / gal.

I used a teaspoon per gallon. Let’s ask Mamuang!

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Nufilm, I tends to use more. When I pour it in a measuring cup, I pour more. Half of it stick to the cup anyway.

I just sprayed Imminox + BT +Nufilm today.


Everything is late here this year. Today, with a break in the rain, I did my 3rd spray of immunox + turbo sticker on the apples and pears, plus the remains of the big crab. Given the rain, I may consider a 4th round.

Everything that had petals is now past petal fall and I’ll soon be getting the unpollinated drops before starting to bag. The only fruit I’ll be spraying for PC are the prune plums, if any fruit turns out to have set.

Glad you are able to enjoy your orchard. Time with my plants is invigorating to me. I have all five of my grands for a few days but I always start the day with a cup of coffee and a walk through the fruit trees. I’m taking the five grands to the art museum today so I need some extra energy.