This Voracious, Unstoppable Bug Is Killing Off Vineyards (Lanternfly)

Interesting article on the lanternfly I though I should share:


In Amityville, Pennsylvania, 10 acres of grapevines sprawl across the family-owned Manatawny Creek Winery. Owner Darvin Levengood is no stranger to vineyard pests. But he was met with calamity in the fall of 2017 when grape pickers were bombarded by swarms of a new invasive insect, the spotted lanternfly. Winery guests couldn’t drink on the open porch without finding the bug, and its “honeydew,” in their glass.

“It’s a misnomer,” Levengood says of the sweet-sounding residue. “Honeydew is a perfectly good fruit. This is nothing more than poop.”

Since the bug was first identified in 2014, it has been deva­stating vineyards and orchards in the Northeast. Lycorma delicatula , named for the lantern-shaped body of the adult that appears to glow under its dull wings, is used in tradi­tional medicine in China, its native land. In the US, it has quickly become one of the most destructive invasive species in 150 years.


Sounds “Biblical” like Joel 1:4, 9-12. !!!


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thats what i thought as well.

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I have lots of lanternfly nymphs on grapes and figs. Not so much on peaches.
I’ve sprayed them with liquid Sevin, which results in them hopping away after contact with the spray.
So I don’t know if they hop away and die or Hop way and live. Does anybody have any experience with using liquid Sevin on the

They are very easy to kill but exist in such quantity the first year or two it’s an act of futility.

I’m shocked that from 1 saw last year to hundreds, maybe thousands now, spread all over my yard.
I walk around with a spray bottle at my side, like a need a permit to carry
So you think Sevin does kill them when directly sprayed on them?

There are two formula on Sevin for sale in stores. One has carbaryl as the main ingredient. The other has zeta cypermethrin.

Which Sevin did you use?

I’m in SE PA and they were really bad the first year they came through, particularly on grape vines. Once you figure out how the larger instars jump, you can get pretty efficient at directing them into a hand-held container of soapy water. :grinning: I don’t use chemical insecticides and have lots of beneficial insects in my gardens that help me control a variety of pests. The lanternfly populations have not been as bad since that first year (although I have noticed a more this season), in part because of a naturally occurring soil fungus that attacks them.

The liquid concentrate I used has zeta cypermethrin.
As a side note:
The older Sevin powder I have is carbaryl.
I bought some new Sevin powder -main ingredient is bifenthrin. Attachment notes that bifenthrin good against lanternfly.

Here are the commercial pesticides approved for the control of lanternfly on grapes in Pennsylvania.

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