This year's crop

The weather this season was not as good as last year. In the end, it turned out that the vitamins will be enough and they are also excellent taste. Growing citrus in a greenhouse has its advantages, and the fluctuations of crazy weather helps to cope not only in winter.


Nice crop,

can you tell us your location?

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Hi, I´m from Czech Republic.



I have been to Prague many times over the last 20 years. I always admire the backyard orchards I can see when riding the trains.

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Looks great!

May I ask where you are from? Do you also grow citrus?
Thanks for the reply and greetings Vladislav

What type of orange or clementine or mandarine is it?


I’m from Indiana USA. I grow peaches. All my friends in Nitra Slovakia also grow peaches. We have similar growing conditions. But last year they had a late frost and lost most of their crop.

What part of the Czech Republic are you from?

Okitsu and Skorospjelij, regards P.

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This is my year’s crop. :tangerine:Not quite as many,like yours Vladislav :grin:,but more than the one,last year.
They are Xie Shan and the unripe fruit is a Hamlin Orange,that I first noticed,when moving the trees into the greenhouse.