This years pears 2017

Well, you saw my early pics of my pear armor. It worked until this am. From 11 Seckels I now have two and two Flemish Beauty pears. To use the word hate is fluffy to use for my opinion of squirrels! I just picked these this evening as I know there would be zero left in the am. Ugh! What now? :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:



My Seckels that I picked because they were falling too early have finally gone soft and sweet


Lois, how long should I wait or what are the signs of ripeness so they do not turn to mush? Thanks

I’m bad at testing that with pears - pears are an enigma

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I absolutely agree with Lois. Put those Seckels in the fridge. After a few to several days, the insides will ripen better. Seckel has a hard thick skin, but the insides can turn to a sweet buttery juicy texture after chilling. In some climates, Seckel ripens right on the tree more readily. Press the top of the pear - near the stem - hard with your thumb. If it yields to the pressure, then it might be ready.


This is the first season that I used the pressure test. Worked well for my Kieffer pears after bringing them out of the refrigerator. I have no idea when Harrow Sweet ripens and I only have two so this method is about to get another test.

Harrow Sweet is easy to tell when ripen. It will turn from green to mellow yellow. Some has red blush on it.

I’ve tried both putting in a fridge and a no fridge method. To me, it tastes good, either way. I even ate it a day after I picked them. They tasted good but I prefer a bit softer, more melting texture when I wait a few more days.

It is the pears that do not turn color ( stay green til ripen) that I have hard time telling.