Thomcord VS Kyoho grape

I had planted a muscadine three years ago, which is tasted good when fully ripening. But none of my family like it due to the thick skin and seed. Now I decide to remove it.
I want to find a grape to replace it. I tried Kyoho grape. It tastes great. Its backwards are the seed and skin.
Then I came across Thomcord seedless. How about this grape? Does it taste better than Kyoho?

Can’t help you in regard to being better than Kyoho, but we love Thomcord here. Very sweet, everyone loves them. The do have ‘aborted seeds’ that you can feel in the texture, but nothing that you need to spit out. Highly recommended here. They make excellent raisins too.

A few pics from last year:


Taste is very subjective, especially with grapes, but I prefer Kyoho.

Actually I got both. I will compare the fruits and then make a decision to keep which one.

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