Thornless Sea Buckthorn

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Canadian varieties of Seaberry? Harvest Moon, Orange September, and Mary are the varrieties I hope to plant this spring (if I can find them in stock). How “thornless” are they compaired to something like Titan?


Does anyone in the US have any of these 4 Canadian sea buckthorn cultivars?

Harvest Moon
Orange September
Autumn Glow
Prairie Sunset.

And are they self-fertile? OGW sells a male plant so I assume they are not. I was thinking of trying these in zone 9b…possible?

They need a male, but they probably will not produce fruit anywhere in zone 9. Not enough chill hours.

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I can’t find them anywhere, not even from Canadian nurseries.

Le me know picked my Titan today. Must be a thorn for every 5 berries but it’s a great priducer


How do they taste?

A very rich source of vitamin C, best orange juice I have ever tasted

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