Thoughts about publication links

thought we’d ask publicly the members, and of course the admin, of this forum what your stance might be towards would-be e-book publishers embedding hyperlinks which would lead to this forum, or at least to certain threads here.

would this be acceptable to you?

perfectly understand if it is not, and will just use faceboo/photobucket, etc, but just thought we’d ask. It is just so obvious that many of the threads here are worthy of sharing.

and yes, the publication is both for-profit and somewhat philanthropic(some of the proceeds to further fund our budwood mass-production and dissemination to the general public-- totally gratis)

I think its OK to link to any thread anywhere, right? The web is all public.

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thanks! i know it is, but still had to bring it up to everyone here since the project is for-profit, and admittedly have many unheard-of, if not seemingly radical ideas(to some people, and understandably so), about certain subjects

thus said, we’re actually waiting for anyone here to say nay . While we do appreciate it, this is one instance when we’ll ignore an infinite number of yea’s–and let just one nay, prevail.

if don’t want to say negatory publicly, one could simply pm me and will honor it, no problem :slightly_smiling:

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Scottsmith is the owner, creator, man behind the existence of this forum. I’ll stand behind any decision he calls.


Having written a number of books. I would personally be very upset if any photos I posted or words I wrote here would be used in an ebook.

I think the question is only about hyperlinks to this website, not about copying content. My impression is anyone is free to link to any website anywhere, whether the website wants the links or not, unless the idea is denial of service or other pernicious reason.

i guess case is closed, and it is not a biggie. I totally understand @mrsg47 and will defer to your view. The advantage of e-books over regular hard-copy publications is that it could be hooked up to the web, such that the e-book is not limited to its contents, and is practically update-able ad infinitum not only by the author, but also by others who put stuff publicly on the web, and the expected caveat is that some may have the same ownership views as mrsg.

in our case, we may already have finalized our electronic publication, but still have a dozen more new cultivar acquisitions now and in the future( as well as time-lapse of perennially evolving projects as topiary sculptures, growth habits, etc) which we’d like to share as a never-ending bonus to the e-book buyers via our personal facebook or wordpress with just a click or tap of the touchscreen, and has a great deal of ‘evolving’ knowledge :evergreen_tree:

oh, and btw for clarification, never intended to copy-paste any posters’ pics or written posts into the actual e-book, and merely was going to embed the links leading to threads in as @scottfsmith mentioned , but not that it matters now…
admittedly being lazy :grin: about posting pics of our time-lapse updates to multiple weblogs, and was planning on posting them all here, lol