Thoughts on Bella Gold

They were pollinated by my Proprietary F1 Moormark Apricot.

4 years is not a long time, some varieties like walnut trees can take seven years or more to produce fruit

Matrix, in other parts of the country and with other types of trees, I would say yes, that’s a valid point. However, where I live (N. San Diego county coastal area) and with this type of tree, it should have the least bloomed. All other interspecifics in the same area have bloomed and produced fruit. This tree was going on its fifth leaf with no flowers. So, out damned spot, and in with something that has a better track record, even though it’s a new-to-the-retail-market cultivar.

Patty S.

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Five years and not one flower,Patty.That is unusual.
The top of mine died about fifteen inches above the graft,during the first year and then had quite a few flowers the next and not quite so many this season,but looks like no fruit again,after three years.I hand pollinate with Flavor Grenade and other Pluots. Brady

Now that I know that my F1 Moorpark Apricot pollinates Bella Gold, I will graft a couple of Scions onto both peacotums.

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Here is the peacotum I have planted in full blossom. It’s from Raintree. The first peacotum I planted in 2013 died but they replaced it. Planted in 2014. It’s about 4 foot tall but I clipped off about a foot a couple weeks ago. I need to prune it some more (and should have done so before it woke up!), maybe take off those lower branches because I’d like to get it to a nice open center eventually. But I don’t want to kill the tree by being over-eager with the shears. Does anyone have advice on pruning and training? This is my weak area!

I have two Flavour Grenade pluots and a Santa Rosa plum as pollination partners. Right now the 1st Flavour Grenade you see staked in the background because I’m trying to spread the limbs. It’s in bloom now too but was about 5 days behind the Peacotum. The 2nd FG is to the right of the 1st in the image, the Santa Rosa is to the left. The 2nd FG was planted in 2015 and has no blooms yet, probably next year. The Santa Rosa has blooms but they haven’t opened yet so they’re not matching up with the Peacotum. The blooms on the Peacotum seem to be very long lasting - they’ve been open at least a week and are still going. I’ve also noticed bumblebees and honeybees flying between the peacotum and the FG and have done some hand pollinating. Even if it sets fruit I’m going to pick it off because I want the tree to focus on growing this year and get a better form established.

Yes, they need to grow out. i like getting trees that size as you can train them well. Well one rule about pruning never take off more than a third of the tree. i myself would just let this one go for a bit.
Well except that long branch i would get it in line with the others. Try to keep branches at the same length so it’s balanced and symmetrical. Not always possible! After a few mistakes you get better at the pruning! After a few years I have more of a feel for it now and can see what i want to do and what to leave and what to cut off.

Just watched the new youtube video from Dave Wilson nursery and even Tom Spellman admitted that Bella Gold has been hit or miss in terms of fruit set and production although this year it looks good for him.

Around the 6:45 mark

Hit and miss coming from a salesman = we’ve had little fruit. In a great fruit set yr it doesn’t need thinning = the darn thing doesn’t set unless the stars align.

Before that he’s thinning by pruning. That’s a good idea. However in CA where it doesn’t freeze in spring he could have done better and much faster by winter pruning. We’ve had pics here lately of much better looking bloom and trees shaped by winter pruning. Look at blueberrythrills trees post 59 here: 2016 Peach Tree Pruning - #57 by tonyOmahaz5 Much better looking trees for CA.


That’s exactly what I thought when I heard that. Seems like mostly miss.

I came away from the video not thinking too highly of this fruit tree as well.

The stars aligned on mine. LOL.


Looks good ITWM. Is this the in ground tree you mentioned earlier with 10 fruit? How big would you say the tree is?

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Yes. It’s about 4 feet tall; and about six feet away from my F1 Moorpark apricot. Both trees bloomed at the same time.

Now I need to buy a refractometer.

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I counted sixteen fruit on this tree. Not bad for this small tree!


Considering the tiny tree size do you think your are over cropping it?

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These are too much, and Yes I am jealous:open_mouth:

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I think I am. But I won’t thin it, I’ve been waiting to try these peacotums since the 2005, when they were first mentioned in an article.

You should remove half in that last picture. But whatever it’s your fruit. Just give us a brix if you can. Too much fruit will lower the brix and mine not overcropped were still only 15-17.

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