Thoughts on this Persimmon

This is supposed to be Nikita’s gift but others that I’ve seen have darker leaves and thicker as well. This is the first time fruiting it’s about 10 feet tall. IMG_20220525_145204379|690x517 What do you guys think?



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Only have one year old grafts of NG.

Got the scions from a forum member that had posted pics of the fruit, so I am going to assume it’s correct.

Some one with more experience will surely chime in.

If it holds on to the fruit you’ll find out in a few months.

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I’m thinking there’s environmental factors and soil conditions that make leaves look different or It’s just something else.

That looks like a straight American persimmon. Has it flowered at all yet? Nikita’s Gift leaves should look like that of an Asian persimmon as that’s the majority of its lineage.

That’s exactly what I thought it looks like straight American. It’s been in the ground since spring 2018 it had one flower last year that fell off. I attributed that to to much nitrogen. This year it is flowering after adding phosphorus.

Here’s the fruit it’s about the size of a quarter right now definitely not Nikita’s gift. I’m not disappointed it’s actually kinda of neat growing a mystery American persimmon. Maybe someone could ID when it’s fully ripe.


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