Thyme and rosemary from cuttings

Would cuttings take this time of year, or would it be better to wait until they are back in active growth?


I’m trying to grow rosemary from seed…research i’ve read said to expect very low germination rates… its been over a week with nothing sprouting yet.

I get decent results with thyme from seed. Rosemary is hard, though.

I was given small (1/4" or less) cuttings of rosemary and thyme about 4 weeks ago, with the instruction to put them in water. The rosemary I potted up about a week ago with its little roots, and the thyme has grown no roots but also looks suspiciously great on top.

Am in 9B Arizona, so these plants were not frost damaged when cut. Temp was ambient indoor temp. It may work for you.

The lemon thyme plant in question has its typical (for here) purplish winter color.

I know creeping thyme will root…found it out by accident.
Rosemary, have not tried, maybe I should.

I love the Creeping Rosemary…it would have lived this mild winter we’ve had, but usually dies off over winter in Kentucky z. 6

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I have a small amount of lemon thyme that I would like to increase in volume significantly. I just read that you can propagate it by root cuttings, cuttings, and layering. I won’t risk trying for root cuttings because I don’t have any real experience with that… other than with mint, and let’s face it, that stuff will almost root on concrete. :smile: I think I will try the to take a few cuttings and layer the rest. I also have some seed that I will be trying to get to sprout in a few weeks. I’m glad that you brought this topic up, I wouldn’t have tried layering this late winter/early spring otherwise.