I’m looking around to see who I’m going to order tigertooth jujube from and almost none of the nurseries are offering it. Has it fallen out of favor? Do you like yours?

Mine is a reliable producer. It’s on it’s own roots as well. D

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I got Tigertooth from JFaE in fall 2015. It has produced for the last 2 years, but the fruit is poor quality. The first year was bad with dry, dense texture, and without the usual level (for a jujube) of sugar. The 2nd year was merely poor with mid-level sugar and dense not-crisp texture.



I’ve already started grafting over mine, but there should be enough of it left for me to send you wood if you want to graft a branch or two (rather than investing in a full tree…).

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Thanks for the offer Bob. I don’t have anything large enough to graft to. I’m going to see if anyone else has to say about it before I commit.