Tillamook goumi

Anybody have any experience with a Tillamook Goumi? I ordered one a long with a sweet scarlet from OGW. The description said large fruit and good flavor. It should flower next year, but I’m looking for opinions if you’ve grown and or tried the fruit.


Just an FYI: I received an email back from Burnt Ridge Nursery. Tillamook is the same as Carmine.


Is that a new named variety? What I’m asking has carmine been around a while?

Great to hear it straight from the person who named ‘Carmine’ that it is the same clone as what had already been circulated under the name ‘Tillamook’.

I know this post is older, but there wasn’t much response so I’ll add my experience. I purchased my ‘Tillamook’ as ‘Carmine’ and it has been producing for a few years now. I agree that it is a high quality clone with above average fruit size and great flavor. I would highly recommend it as one of the best clones for anyone looking to plant a goumi.


I second that. Since the initial post I’ve had two great crops.


I have a Red Gem and Sweet Scarlet. I am trying to hunt down Tillamook/Carmine now. Does anyone have Raintree select and compared it?

If anyone is reading this and would like to possibly trade, I made a trade post a little bit ago with all the varieties I have

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