I think Honda motors are top of the line
Everything I have ever used with a Honda has served very well.**


The Mantis has a Honda engine - I just had it serviced, but it’s run for years and years w/o a lot of problems


So Earthtoolsbcs recommended a G85 Tractor with tiller that came in at $2900 shipped. I can’t justify that. Looking at there site there seem to be cheaper options but still looking at roughly $2400. So I took Fusion_Power Craiglist search for BCS and found this.


Its a 3 hour drive but to save $1500 it would be worth it. Anyones thought on the craiglist BCS model? Still not crazy on a used tiller.


Moneta Farm & Home Center sales or services them… you’re not to far from them. Might get some info from them.

Going off topic, do you live over by Army Corporal Desmond Doss … have you ever met him?


For some reason that name sounds familiar - I went to school in the Lynchburg area and there were some Doss’s in my HS class. But I definitely would not know him on the street.


He’s has a Medal Of Honor and had fairly recent movie written about him. Hacksaw Ridge was the movie.


Everything I see on that tiller looks good Spudd. I’m a bargainer from way back so would probably try to get him down $100 or so on the price. Check the tines carefully for wear. Make sure it works properly at all speeds. Otherwise, I think that would more than satisfy your needs.


The person with the craigslist BCS Tiller did not call back. The listing was two weeks old so it was likely sold. I looked at the pic of the mfg plate and it had anno 2003 anno = year so it was 13 - 14 years old.


The age may not be an issue , some people just raise a small garden, and the actual hours on the machine can be minimal ? ( or not.)


I agree that age is not generally an issue. Usage is. Being left out in the weather is.

If you have the patience to wait about 6 weeks, there is a very good chance a decent tiller will show up. I find one on craigslist in my area at least once a month.


I tried calling a different BCS/Grillo dealer. They recommended a tiller with a differential. What is the advantage?


My buddy just bought 2 used snapper rear tine tillers with Honda GX160 engines from a local equipment rental store for $175 each. They were closing out their snapper inventory. I unfortunately missed out on that deal.


It allows you to turn and one wheel will freewheel and not drag. On the Grillo, you have brakes on each wheel and can steer like a large tractor, easy to correct the course when your using the tractor with just a squeeze instead of pushing on the handles. My Grillo has 14 levers and handles at the handle bars. Takes some getting used to!


I found a BCS 710 w/8HP Honda for $600. The guy who has it is deployed and will be back on the 15th Feb. Hopefully I will get it (he would not hold it).

This is obviously an older model as BCS doesn’t sell the 710 with an 8HP Honda engine anymore. For the current Model 710 9HP model they show available attachments as being the same as the 722. For the 7HP 710 there are a lot less attachments. I wonder if the 8HP will take all of the attachments as the 9HP version?


Better pictures -



I also got to looking at my Front Tine tiller. It has a Briggs 342CC engine on it. It seems that nobody sells a home Tiller with that size engine on it any more. The largest I could find on a new Troy-Bilt was a 306CC on a rear tine tiller and it costs $2000. Its a shame that the American Companies are in a race to the bottom quality wise.


this tiller was left outside in elements at property I purchased. Wonder what it would take to get it running


Looks like it is in good shape, spark plugs, air filter, gas filter, fresh gas and give her a whirl …


Looks like a BCS 710 may not be in my future -

Hi there,

Thanks for contacting BCS America. If you have a 710 with a Honda engine, it’s likely that it is single-speed. Please check your gear selector plate to confirm that you have one forward and one reverse speed.

If that is the case, these are machines that were designed for rental use. It’s true that the larger Honda engine will have more compatibility than a 710 7HP, particularly in tilling size, but its single speed is less than ideal for mowing applications. It will go painfully slow.

Please keep this in mind as you review the current BCS Compatibility Charts. Your 710 is closer to the 710 9HP we list on the chart, but due to its single speed it’s not the best choice for many of the applications.

We hope this makes sense. If you have additional specific questions, please let us know.

Thanks and best regards,

Long story short it is likely that I am very limited in attachments so I will have to pass. I am glad I e-mailed BCS.


BCS sent me a mailer the other day. O the temptation of all those attachments!