Cub Cadet is owned and manufactured by MTD. That being said, the Craftsman riding mowers are built by both MTD and Husqvarna. As a prior owner of a Sears Hometown store, I can tell you the MTD built riders were far more reliable than the Husqvarna models. That may be entirely dependent upon the manufacturing specs Sears requested from AYP. The rear tine Craftsman tiller looks exactly like the Cub Cadet tiller. However, the Craftsman tiller has a model number beginning with 917. That indicates it was manufactured by Husqvarna (AYP) and both Husq and AYP are owned by Electrolux. I never could figure out how an MTD product and an AYP product were so similar. Like any other mass produced power equipment, you’re looking at a limited lifetime on these units.


My understanding is that Electrolux spun off Husqvarna - although they may still have controlling interest. I do know I bought my first Husqvarna chainsaw in 1996 and it lasted 15 years of solid abuse. I have two more newer models that I am happy with but you can see the decline in quality. When I look at the chainsaws in the store you can see the decline in quality - Poulan which Husqvarna also makes is junk. My next chainsaw will be a Stihl or something else. I bought a high end Husqvarna Riding Mower last year - 24 or 25 hp Kawasaki engine with a K66 transmission for well under half of what a John Deere with the similar engine/transmission would have cost. I have no doubt the frame on the John Deere was more rugged, but I am still ahead if my Husqvarna lasts 1/2 the life of a John Deere.


I ordered a new Yardmax rear tine tiller today off of EBay for $499 w/free shipping and no tax. It is dual rotation with a Briggs engine. I could see no difference in it vs the Cub Cadet, Husqvarna and Mtd made tillers that sell for $799. I missed some deals on Craigslist for used tillers but I just haven’t had the time to travel 1 to 2 hours to pick up a tiller.

The 20% off coupon is -PSPRING20 , valid today only up to $100. Here is the link if anybody is interested -

I researched the company - Yardmax is a new company but there products have gotten good reviews.


I bought a mid 90’s horse and used it about 2 months before it threw a rod. I went to Harbor Freight and bought a 6 hp Predator engine and put on it. It tills like a brand new one now. I gave $119.00 for the engine and it bolted right to it, so if the engine is bad you could go that route.They run the engine on sale sometimes for $99.00.


I brought it down to Ace Hardware because they do Troy Built repair, was only 30 bucks to look at it I figured why not. I thought the engine was seized because the cord barely pulled but turns out the engine was flood with gas/oil. He drained it and clean carburetor and a few other things cost me 150$ to fix it so I was happy with that don’t have to rent a tiller now.


Look at you tiller and all. Next thing you’re gonna buy a riding mower :smile:


I already did that a few weeks ago. Not doing 4 acres with a push mower!