Time lapse - ZESTAR - bud to fruit

Last summer I undertook to take weekly photos of specific varieties to have a record of the growth rates and to catalog and compare different years based on variable weather conditions from year to year. Finally got most of it done.

I tried to take photos each week from bloom to harvest

Now I know why researchers keep graduate students around to keep records. :smile:

So here is ZESTAR.


I will try to upload different varieties regularly as we get into the growing season.


So gorgeous in bloom!

Zestar is one of my favorite apples…

Nice record of progress. Thanks.

Those are great Mike! John Clements YouTube channel has a couple time lapse video’s of apple varieties you may enjoy.

Those of you growing Zestar what do yours currently look like? How far away from harvest are they? I have a measly one apple left after the deer ate several dozen off my tree. I want to make sure I pick mine at peak to get a good taste of the fruit.

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Gorgeous tree! Love the flowers on it.

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Nice. Thanks for posting.

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My Zestar didnt set any fruit this year as it had to battle through a herbicide drift problem last year. The previous year I waited until they were full red before I picked them, and they were outstanding.