Time to feed piggy?

@scottsmith keeps a piggy bank to fund this forum’s needs, and I’m wondering if it’s time to kick in a few bucks each to feed it. So this post is to start that conversation.



Is there a PayPal donation page for GrowingFruit ? :slight_smile:

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I think Scott has Paypal set up. I simply sent him a check a couple of years ago. Last year he said he had enough so we were able to skip 2018- at that time he thought he’d be good until Feb. 2019, and now, lo and behold, here we are.

I don’t like seeing Scott put in the position of having to ask, so I am doing it instead! As many people as use the site now I think as little as $5.00 or $10.00 each would cover it. I’ll send $20.00, just 'cause I can and it’s a bargain at twice that!


I’ll be glad to do 20-25. If someone will give us the info. I’ll do mine tomorrow… Well worth it to me…


I’m waiting to hear from @scottsmith- we’ll see how hungry piggy is …


Oops I missed this thread… I have down Feb 2020 based on our last round of donations, but the site is costing more to run now since its now on a dedicated server ($50/mo) and there’s also around $25/mo for AWS photo storage (it varies based on usage) so $75/month. I think it was costing something like $35/mo total when we did the last round. So, I’ll aim for this coming summer to do another fund-raising drive. Thanks for being the piggy feed reminder Mark!

BTW while I am writing on this, the new dedicated server setup I switched to awhile back has been great, we have about 4x the memory and CPU and its also a lot easier for me to administer. We should be good indefinitely with this setup.


Sounds like a good plan,Scott. Let me know when you are ready, I will be glad to send $$ through Quickpay

Happy to do it, Scott. This group is a delight to me and it just makes sense to me to be supportive of it.

Sounds like our annual budget is just this side of $1000/year. Given that we have several hundred members, and perhaps 200 “regulars” , I’m going to suggest ten bucks as a reasonable give, and I don’t doubt many will volunteer more. That would cover Scott’s expenses for a couple of years- and the response last time was generous enough to meet the need for more than that.

But there are always plenty of people asking for help on worthwhile causes, and some people will feel too tapped out to write yet another check. I for one hope those folks still feel that they can come and participate anyhow, because without them there just wouldn’t be any point to being here. (Quite a few people give so generously of their knowledge that I almost feel like I should be paying them!) It’s an amazing resource we’ve got going here, a bit of grace in a sometimes indifferent world. I’m grateful to everybody who participates.