Time to pick Goumis

My Sweet Scarlet bush is about 15 years old now and every year bears slight more than the prior year. One you have a fruiting bud on this plant you get it producing every year making it one of the most productive plants for the limited space required. This morning I picked the second time, got about 1/2 gal, about the same as the first last week, yet there appear to be at least 2 gals yet to ripen!
A wonderful berry you will not find in the store for delicate jelly making. I highly recommend it if you have a sunny location of about 50 sq ft. Got my bush from Raintree Nursery
Kent, wa


I let my one and only goumi die of neglect 3 or 4 years ago…but I didn’t like the mild hot pepper taste of the fruit, so it didn’t have a high priority.

I enjoyed the taste of both my goumi bush berries… red gem…sweet scarlet… but from the time they got ripe enough to taste good until they were gone was only like 10 days.

Red gem ripened first then sweet scarlet… but total days I had good ripe fruit was about 20 days.

Enjoyed them while it lasted. Wish i had one more later or earlier variety.


That’s my experience too. Except this year we’ll get 100 degree weather several days in a row in June, not sure what effect that will have.

This is unprecedented weather.

Suspect there are people getting close to harvest.

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I estimate June 15th based on my previous posts and photos. My daughter is asking me when they will ripen frequently.


Probably 3 weeks out.

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Ok time to figure out what to do with all this. I’ll make some Kvass again and eat a bunch fresh. Pemmican? Fruit leather?


Mine start ripening May 10 down here in TN z7a. All mine are gone at this point.

This pic was from May 24.

Rats… just now remembered I bought a food mill food strainer late last fall (with persimmons in mind)… and I bet that would work well on goumi fruit. I could have made some fruit leather, dehydrated some… will have to remember that next year.