Tiny bugs on blossoms

Harmful or not? And what are they?

I believe they are larvae – possibly of thrips.


Yes, these are thrips.


So do I spray for them? Or do I just thin out the scarred ones. I’ll end up getting tons of set fruit which I’ll have to heavily thin anyway.

Or you could end up with no fruit. In your shoes, I’d be looking for something to labeled to kill thrip larvae a.s.a.p.

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Unless Richard has experience contradicting the content, I’d hold off on that and read this. It includes this statement, “Although some feeding does take place on blossoms, little damage results until fruit forms.”

WSU advises spraying at petal fall:


I agree with both. Now is is great time to have product in hand.

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@bleedingdirt – check your citrus too.

Thanks guys. The worst damage I’ve seen with thrips are on my nectaplums. But even they overset and I’m able to just thin out the scarred ones and get a good crop. I’m going to hold off spraying this time. Thanks again!