Titania black currant indoors


These are available in Europe mostly eastern part.


Yes, Bona and Tisel comes from Poland, Sofiyevskaya and Jubileynaya Kopanya from Ukraine. And I forgot Noiroma (big fruits, early ripening) distributed from Switzerland. Those are newer selections and still new ones varieties are selecting here in Europe.


These varieties do not suffer by diseases in my area, so no chemicals need to be sprayed and can be grown organic. I grow also Ben Hope - bit acid fruits in raw and Ben Sarek - is sensitive to mildew. So I prefer polish or ukrainian selections of black currant.


Hello, do you know by the chance where may I buy above-mentioned varieties: Sofiyevskaya and Jubileynaya Kopanya in the USA? Thanks


Hi, I have no idea, these varieties are available mainly in EU countries, sometimes are names written as Sofijevskaja and Jubilejnaja Kopanja. I have these varieties but cuttings should not be sent to USA without phyticertificates and this is pretty expensive issue.


Thanks for the quick response, maybe I’ll be able to buy any of these varieties (especially Jubileynaya Kopanya - “Ювiлейна Копаня” ) somewhere in the US.


these are budding nicely after changing to 12/12 light cycle.

moved a tray to heated garage that gets fairly cold, down to about 35f. hoping to induce dormancy but not sure the best way. suggestions?



nice looking starts!


one of my 3 titania plants from cuttings last fall… grown a lot since then. pulled about 3/4 of the leaves of and moving it to cold garage for a few months, till spring.


more cuttings