Titania black currant indoors


took these cuttings this summer, not sure exact date. gonna let them get a little bigger and chop them up for more cuttings!


currants are so easy to grow. crazy that some places charge $15 + for a plant, i give away lots of cuttings and plants to neighbors and friends every spring/ summer.


took cuttings today, not sure if most green wood toward growing tips will root well or not. no hormone used in these…


these cuttings were taken 8 days ago, first roots were showing 3 days ago already. just took this pic.


amazing how easy currant cuttings take root. how does Titania taste?


haven’t gotten fruit yet. just planted it last spring.
child of consort and recommended over it by honeyberryusa.


transplanted currant cuttings today, wasn’t giving them enough nutes, they should take off now. mix in 3x5 flats is 3.5g pro mix with mycos, 1g perlite, 1/2g vermiculite, 1/3 c water crystals, 120g osmocote +.


lookin’ good!


Nice lights. Are those DIY?

EDIT: Stalked your post history and found your build posts. Good stuff - very similar to what I’m using to grow my strawberries right now.

What kind of nutrients are you using and what amounts?


Good snooping! They are awesome lights, fairly easy project also. Nutrients im using right now are primarily megacrop by greenleaf. For my currants Im using a full 5gal bucket of RO water, 1tbsp + 2tsp megacrop, 1tsp Epsom salt for magnesium boost, 1/2 tsp calcium chloride for calcium boost, and diluted sulfuric acid to get to about 6.0ph.


cuttings taking off. got about 60 if them now. changed light cycle to 12/12, hoping to initiate bud formation. i topped the tallest ones to slow them down a bit.


I tried putting sticks into the ground last fall. Will be interesting to see how many sprout. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


what variety? i would have tried that also but my plants r all small still. pretty easy to grow them inside evidently, if a person gives them a little tlc.


My bet is: all of them.




what variety?

Ben Sarak, Consort Black, Pink Champagne, Primus White, Imperial White, Jonkeer van Tets, Red Lake, Red Rovada, White Pearl Currants, Captivator, Hinnomaki Red, Hinnomaki Yellow, Jeanne, Poorman, Tixia Gooseberry. Many were quite small yet, but I managed to get a couple sticks off each. I also have a couple other gooseberry varieties that I didn’t try to root yet. Some day I will probably wonder why I planted so many kinds. I’ve only had a taste of a few kinds so far.


This has probably been brought up in other threads, but what varieties of black currants are actually good off the plant? I’ve heard that most of them aren’t that tasty.

Also, best tasting non-black currants? We aren’t growing any right now, but we do have three gooseberry plants (close relative). One of them gave us fruit last year, an Oregon Champion.




what variety? i would have tried that also but my plants r all small still. pretty easy to grow them inside evidently, if a person gives them a little tlc.

Actually, I think you just enjoy tinkering with them.


gives me something 2 do during long cold winter. grow closet is nice to be in. bright 82f and moderately humid, takes out the chill and helps my mood.


I was disappointed with Titania currant taste and size of the fruits - too small and bit acid. This variety grows very fast to 1,5 m bush. My favourite black currants are Bona, Jubileyna Kopanya and Sofiyevskaya with nice big fruits and higher sugar content, these are dessert varieties…I also like Tisel with its typical black currant taste…


haven’t seen those varieties fs here in us… are they new releases or been around a while? I’d sure like to try them…