To all mulberry lovers...I need your help!

I am gathering information for a website on growing mulberries that I hope to launch in the not too distant future. There is a world-wide web of misinformation about mulberries and I hope to create a trusted website, offering factual information and trusted vendors. I have become aware that this forum ( has some very knowledgeable individuals, and I hope to enlist your help. If you feel you have helpful or interesting information that you want to contribute to this effort, it would be greatly appreciated. I also am looking for photos that others may find interesting (for whatever reason), or helpful in variety selection. I also plan to contact forum members individually for permission to use information or pictures that appear in this forum. So as not to bog down the website, I am requesting you send info or pictures to my email:
At present, I will be launching the website under a sub-domain, and I am limited to 500 mb, so please don’t be offended if I can’t use all of what is sent. If the website is well received, I hope to get it’s own domain name at a later date (My son and daughter are both in IT, but they both seem to delight in watching me struggle with all this…Go figure!).
I hope that my request sits OK with the hosts of this website…if it doesn’t, please feel free to delete. Thank you, Livinginawe (Mark Travis)


more power to you Mark, and tell me if there’s anything else could do for you. BTW, i am using as adjunct to our e-book. It provides 3GB storage for free, and the website address comes out neat and easy to remember(unlike facebook profiles, etc which often have too many slashes and numbers etc). While it does not have the clout of facebook, wordpress has been around for a while (actually one year older than facebook)and seems quite established and reliable, compared to newer free-hosting sites

likewise, if there’s anyone here who bought a purported nigra and having doubts about your purchase, you could always post pictures here and tag me, or simply pm me with the pics.
i don’t watch tv much, and instead watch nigra’s growth and development as ‘entertainment’ :grin:


I’ll have to check into To show my ignorance, I was completely unaware of it’s existence. I’ve worked my whole life at the forefront of technology; so in my off time, when I came home I was so burnt out on it all I couldn’t stand to look at anything more. So, I too, prefer to watch my plants grow.


forgot to add, since we’re on that topic of data storage, and since we could anticipate many mulberry growers stuffing your inbox with plenty attachments…
as far as i know, yahoo email is the only service which offers 1 terabyte of free storage. More than enough for any regular joe to use in a lifetime.*in a way, kind of sad to assess one’s finite existence with ‘just’ 1000 gigabytes worth of correspondence in one’s lifetime, haha

hotmail (i think) only permits 5 gb for free, and gmail offers 15 gb

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I’m perplexed by this announcement. Why would you go to the effort of hosting a new website when Scott has already provided an excellent site with a Reference section you could expand? The only possible explanation I can imagine (with my limited imagination) is that you will try to earn money from a site that hosts advertisements. If that is the case, then why should we help you? Please explain. :smiley:

I love this website, but essentially it is a forum. Even though I’ve had a strong interest in growing a wide variety of fruit for many years (40 perhaps), I didn’t stumble upon this website until recently…it just wasn’t appearing in my searches. There isn’t a dedicated website for mulberries in the US, where enthusiasts can easily find accurate information that helps them decide on a cultivar, find a responsible nursery, and become a successful grower. I am so tired of the misinformation surrounding mulberries in particular. Most nurseries don’t have a clue to what they are selling you (at least in my area), and many online nurseries could care less, as long as they can make money…Speaking of money; I have no need of money, and if the website appears to be well visited, I will get my own domain name (as stated earlier, I will be a sub-domain initially) and pay for my own hosting, because of my disdain for advertising.


This site is only a year old.

Ha ha…that explains a lot!