To all the new sign ins

Please GO TO YOUR PROFILES and add your ZONES. STATE and REGION would be nice too.



And if you want to make it easy for folks to see some of that info when they just click on your name (before going all the way to your profile), what you include in the About Me section shows up there so you can put zone and location info there as well as I [suggest in this post][1].

If you click on my name or the little icon here you’ll see what I mean.


How do we find “Go to your profiles?” Thanks. Northwoodswis4

Click on your icon in the upper right (a blue N for you) and then click on preferences.

Mike and others, you can now see the zone you entered in the zone field when you made your account if you click on someones icon and then click on the popup that comes up. Its not the most convenient method and I hope to improve it, but its better than not being able to see that info at all.



I clicked on your icon. On your avatar, I noticed what appears to be some manikin head in the background. I have to ask, what’s up with that? :smile:

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One of my pesky kids :smile:

It was a “temporary” picture I took since I could not find any others, but have not fixed yet…


OMG. I just realized there was a mannikin head in your photo, Scott. Not gonna lie - that’s just a little creepy, lol!!! :scream:

Lol that’s one of his kids!

I know Ryan, just pulling Scott’s leg :smile: But, it does look like a mannikin head. :girl: