To be or not to be: pear tree advise needed

I have a Harvest Queen Pear on Quince-A rootstock planted 9 years ago. Tree growth was stagnant at the beginning, and it was transplanted 4-5 years ago.

Tree has some bark cracks, top might have some FB damage, but that’s not a deal breaker for me.

My main concern is that this tree did not produce any pears at all: it blooms, sets some fruits, and they just wilt and drop.

I believe pollination is not an issue, I have Ambrosia pear which blooms at the same time and sets a lot of fruits.

So I’m looking for some advise on the following options:

  • Remove this tree.
  • Try to re-graft it and grow a new variety (or varieties).
  • Leave it as it is for the next year.

If you advising on the re-graft option I would appreciate some info on type of graft you would do, and timing when to do it.
I have zero grafting experience but did some research already, I have a Parafilm tape and a sharp knife :wink:



The tree does have cracks in the bark which could be from growth, disease, or sunburn. It bloomed and i would not remove a blooming tree. It appears like fireblight or blossom blast hit the blooms. Several things i would do for starters. Paint the trunk and large branches with a light colored non toxic indoor paint. There are many threads on this. Next spring and this fall spray the tree with copper. It is hard for me to tell from the photos the cause of the bark cracks. My thoughts are it is likely sunburn or fireblight.


Thanks for your response! I’ll give it a shot for one more season.

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