To do fruit-wise in central Washington?

I’m going to Seattle, WA for my first time for business in July, and the way it worked out I will be getting into SEATAC at about 10am local time. The conference isn’t until the next day.

I am going to need a rental car anyways, so I am thinking of driving over the Cascades to sight see there, and then go over to the Wenatchee area.

Does anyone know if there are touristy fruit places (u-pick, museums, etc) over in that area? It is of course a major fruit-growing area, so I thought it could be cool to see some of that.

It is early for ripe fruit. Cherries start around 3rd week of June. There is a museum in Wenatchee. Not to difficult to find lots of orchards once you drop into the valleys on the East side of the Cascades. Lots of people enjoy Leavenworth (Bavarian village tourist town). It is West of Wenatchee. If you take highway 2 over the Cascades, it will take you through Leavenworth and into Wenatchee.

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When I was young,my family took summer trips to Lake Chelan and sometimes stop along the way at Tiny’s Fruit Stand in Cashmere.That guy was anything but tiny.
It’s been a long time since going that way,so maybe the place is gone. It was famous for Aplets and Cotlets,a kind of candy made from the fruit.Something that didn’t appeal to me,though.
There should be some large fruit stands along I90,between Ellensburg and Moses Lake and also around the Wenatchee area.From what I’ve seen,not too many on Highway 2. Brady

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