To keep or remove raspberry suckers (pot planting)

I am planting raspberries in pots, mostly fall bearing. Since spring is around the corner, sucker starts emerging from around the crowns. As a general idea, should I let these suckers grow, or pull them out leaving only new canes very close from the crown? Any thoughts? the pots are not that wide, only around 30cm in diameter.

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To me, that’s optimistic, and too soon lol, got to get more ice fishing done here, just really getting going this season.

I’m new to this, but I got several raspberries and blackberries in containers last year. That is a small container, but you should be good with about 5 canes total in there. If there aren’t many live growth nodes (points where the leaves/branches would come off main stalk) on the older canes left to bear fruit for the summer, then just cut all the old ones down to the soil line. If there are plenty of nodes left, then leave them as they will produce while the new canes are growing.


It`ll take some more time for them snow to thaw I guess :grin:

Thanks for the suggestion.

I guess I am most interested if a competition between the mother crown and the new crowns will be damaging.

I think I am just going to leave the main crown plus one more sucker and see what happens.

I would leave them until you up pot. Say in three or four years. Then split them. Suckers are attached. It’s part of the plant. They share resources. Not a competition.

Thank you for the suggestion, I think I will try just that.

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