To those looking for persimmon and pawpaw rootstock

Next spring I intend to do a fair bit of grafting and went looking for a source of pawpaw and persimmon to use as rootstocks. My state forestry has already sold out and most links that I found led to a nursery that closed recently or to seedlings that were more expensive or smaller than I wanted. So I checked ebay just to see what I could find and happened upon a nursery in Tennessee called Indian Mound Nursery. I sent them a message with a question and heard back within 2 minutes. So I ordered 25 pawpaw seedlings and 25 persimmon seedlings. The price after shipping came out to about $2 per tree shipped. Being in the next state over, shipping was fast and the trees arrived looking better than expected. They all had nice long unbroken tap roots with plenty of feeder roots. I heeled them in buckets in my unheated garage to wait until spring. If anyone else is looking for rootstock for pawpaw or persimmon I would recommend this ebay seller:


Especially impressed with the pawpaw feeder roots

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The Wannamaker family have been in the nursery business for decades. I don’t know anything about this particular newer venture. (I do know from 2009 to 2015 a lot of Tennessee nurseries bit the dust.)

But, would assume the children and grandchildren have stayed in the nursery industry.
And, that’s a good thing.

McMinnville TN area.


Don’t forget to check your local conservation organization for tree sales. I just ordered 25 Paw Paw seedlings for 1.51 each and 25 American Persimmon seedlings for 1.05 each from my local Soil and Water Conservation. I’m posting this here because I didn’t want to start a new thread.

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