Toka Plum Blossoms




My Toka plum in bloom now in Seattle.


I’m glad you posted some pictures. I’ve posted some pictures to this thread trying to determine if one of my plums blooming in the pictures is Toka

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Looks great guys. I just planted a Toka plum from Cummin’s nursery. Out of the 5 trees I planted this year, Toka is the one I am looking forward to the most.

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Mine are just about ready to pop, they are swelled as much as they can be without being open. Supposed to get down to 19 degrees this weekend, I guess I will see if they survive.

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Mine opened this morning. There are two types of Japanese plums in the picture one of which is reportedly Toka.


Looks like nature already did some thinning for you. A few of the close-ups show blackened pistils. A phenomenon I am all too familiar with. Hopefully she won’t do more.

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Yes and we have nasty weather on the way again.

OK…not Toka, but its peachy neighbor:

z 6254 As

z 6255 As


I can’t quite warm up to the taste of my toka. It certainly is different from most of my other plums. Most people seem to love it so I know I’m in the minority. I do get a “bubblegum” taste for sure- but bubblegum isn’t something that I want in a plum I guess. I will say this, it is absolutely one of the heaviest setting plums I have. It and Bruce always blooms like crazy and most of them set fruit. However, my toka has a lot of double sets (ie 2 plums and one stem) and those usually abort, which makes thinning a little easier.

Hopefully the rest of you will enjoy your Toka’s-most people seem to.


I’ve never eaten a Toka. I figured it would be a nice novelty if nothing else, but also a good ‘mule’ tree if I wasn’t a big fan. Maybe I’ll have 8 varieties on the tree with T being one…that will probably be the case either way.

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I got to taste someToka last year as a couple grafts produced on my Santa Rosa tree. Most of my plums had pc though. It did taste like bubblegum. My fruits were fairly small. Are they normally a small plum? I’ll have to spray more for pc this year and see if I can get better fruit.

Mine have always been small.