Toka plum in southeastern US?

I know Toka is a plum that’s recommended for the north for its cold-hardiness, but has anyone tried it in the southeast? Is it disease resistant? The descriptions of its artificial-seeming bubblegum-like flavor sound fun.

How many chilling hours does it need? A recent frost makes me wonder if I should plant trees that bloom very late, as long as they manage to bloom at all here.

I’m also interested in other northern plums, like La Crescent. I planted a Toka and a La Crescent when I lived in the frozen north, and got exactly one exquisitely delicious La Crescent plum before moving south, leaving my trees behind.

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I have grown several of the cold-hardy plums (but not Toka) and they all have done well for me in Maryland. I am going to add Black Ice this spring. I hate bubblegum flavor so Toka is not on my list!

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Thanks! I should ask for a list of other fruits you hate.

You’d really hate an herb called Fruit Salad Sage. It smells so fake, I burst out laughing when I first smelled it. These things are silly, but I get a kick out of them.

Toka here in Ohio are small, yet have a nice flavor. If I didn’t have as much room as I do to grow, I probably wouldn’t keep it when comparing it to other BIG JUICY plums.

Hope you don’t have to travel on the highway in northern Atlanta.

One nice thing about Toka is that it is a good cross pollinator for other asian plums because it has a very long bloom time.


Any idea about how many chilling hours it needs? When does it bloom compared to more southern plums? I have Ruby Queen plum and Spring Satin plumcot, both bred here in Georgia, and Guthrie and NC McKibbon Chickasaw plums. Would Toka’s bloom time overlap with any of those?

Stark Bro’s site says it needs about 400 chill hours, as far as if it would overlap with your tree’s I can’t say for sure, but my guess would be yes

I grafted Toka to two of my trees both took. I’m anxious to see how they do, I’m concerned about black knot. All the Northern big plums have poor resistance.

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I’d give it a try…put it right out in the open where it can get the full effect of whatever cold you have…avoid anything that might reflect light/heat back at the tree during the day. Im not sure it would make a difference re chilling hours, but try shading the root zone too.