Toka plum seedling

I planted out seeds from my 2014 toka harvest in 2015, ended up with around 50 or so trees I intend to graft over. I was surprised to see that several have substantial quantities blossom buds starting to open up…needless to say, I won’t graft over these entirely. Precocious plums!
My plan is to multigraft the ones which are feathered and preserve a branch or two of the stock for further evaluation. There could be something special, and it will be interesting to see how much the fruit resembles the parent’s.


I’m going to save some of my Nadia seeds for sure. My plant set some fruit, it’s so early hard to tell still. I see a few for sure. Very excited. My pluots all sett fruit too including Flavor Supreme and Flavor King. I’ll be planting them out too.
I crossed my Indian Free peach and planted out one tree. Two others I’ll grow in pots and take scion this winter. Finish growing out as grafts.

Jesse, How did your Toka seedlings do? Did they get more blossoms? I realize they’re still young, but I planted a couple of Gracious pits 2018 which grew vigorously and I’m sort of thinking ahead, wondering how long before I get to find out what they’re like. Sue