Tomato Graft After One Week


Does it look like it has taken?


Probably. Are you able to keep it uncovered at this point without it wilting? That is when you know you are in the clear. When I graft tomatoes I expect them to be in full light (artificial) within 10 days with no humidity covering. Make sure to get rid of that root starting from the scion. I’ve found they are less likely to heal well when the scion is putting energy into trying to root. I use a pair of tweezers to just pluck them off.


Good point about the adventitious root. I’ll take it off. I have kept it a bay window where it gets some morning sun and then indirect sunlight. I was planning on keeping it outdoors tomorrow. Temperature is forecasted to be in the 60s so shouldn’t be too bad.


what types are you grafting here?


This one is Cherokee Purple on Efialto rootstock.


Kept it in full sun today next to other seedlings for some shade. Looks like it might make it.


Looks like it is just fine. Did you have a clip on it? I do splice grafts with the little silicone clips and just leave them on until they pop off as the stem grows, but they’re pliable enough that there is no chance they’ll constrict the growing plant.


Like zendog i always thought you kept the silicone clip on tomatoes until they fell off, it always seemed like they swelled at the graft union a bit after taking.

Where did you get the rootstock seeds this year?


I’m too cheap for those silicone clips. I just used a regular wooden clothespin. It’s pretty tight so I removed it.


I got them at seedsnsuch. Apparently, they are a bit difficult to germinate but I got 100% success. 10 seeds for $2.79 I think.