Tomato question

so im growing tomatoes in containers, one of the leaves looks yellow and the other 2 are falling over and the leaves look bad, would Epson salt help correct this any ideas? would it be wise to put a nitrogen not sure what to do. thanks seems container tomatoes are harder then in a garden

There are many possible causes of yellowing leaves and poor growth. A picture would help, although I’m not sure if you can post them yet since you are new. But try to give some more detail, since just adding a fertilizer or amendment may not be the answer.

How long have they been planted in the containers?
What have your temps been like?
How did the roots look when you transplanted them?
What type of mix are you using in your containers?
How much sun are the getting?

I have had the occasional transplant go bad in the ground and in containers, but almost every time it was because the plant had a weaker root system and cold/wet weather after transplanting inhibited the roots catching up with the top.

But that is just one example of what can happen, so knowing more about your plants and the conditions you are growing them in would be helpful.

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Potting soils aren’t sterilized this year…disease that’s soil borne is a possibility.
I have 3 in pots doing much much better than three I put in the soil 3 weeks ago.