Tomato seedling leaf disease

Hoping someone can give me some advice on my tomato seedlings, as my google research left me with no definitive answers. I notice crispy edges and spots on the cot leaves of the majority of my tomato seedlings about a week and a half ago. Am now noticing it on some of the mature leaves. I’m guessing it’s fungal in nature and sprayed them with Immunox a few days ago. A few of the plants have become completely defoliate and doubt they will make it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Sorry to hear that.
They look kinda rough indeed.
What kind of soil mix/pot thing do you have them in?
Have you applied any fertilizer or other inputs other than Immunox?

They are if the large jiffy peat pellets. No, I haven’t fertilized or use any other adjuncts besides the Immunox. We’ve only been watering when the pellets are looking dry. They are also in a south facing patio door with some supplement LED grow lights.

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Research “early blight”+tomatoes

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