Tomato suggestions for a very picky family member

I’m personally not a tomato lover, at least not for fresh eating. My father on the other hand practically only eats tomatoes as his fruit source. He has very specific tastes on what he likes. He likes them red, smooth skinned, as sweet as they come and prefers medium sized tomatoes that he can slice up.

If at all possible, indeterminates and F1 hybrids are preferred.
Any suggestions? I’ve really only ever grown a handful of varieties and every seed sight hypes up every single variety so I never know what to trust.

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Rutgers is the one i would suggest but it is no hybrid “The legendary Jersey tomato, introduced in 1934, is a cross between J.T.D. (an old New Jersey variety from the Campbell Soup Co.) and Marglobe. Its flavor, both for slicing and cooking, is still unequaled. Red fruits are slightly flattened. Tall vines, Fusarium resistance.”

There are other better tasting tomatoes like brandywine or sungold but based on size rutgers fits the bill. Sungold is a fantastic cherry tomato and brandywine is a large heirloom with a great flavor.
Some people like the mildly smoky taste of the purples such as cherokee purple but dont expect high production.

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It wasn’t a great year for tomatoes for me this past year, but I’ve replanted Pineapple Tomatoes every year since picking up a start at the nursery three years ago.

One year they were almost entirely red, but they usually get yellow/orange vertical streaks. (Direct sun, heat, cool nights? I’m not sure what causes particular coloration.) My mom, who only likes straight up sweet things, likes them because they’re sweet and she says “tropical.” I agree they’re sweet, probably very slightly lower in acid and/or higher in sugar, with less of the “meaty” red tomato flavor that makes tomatoes more savory to me. They’re an heirloom, beefsteak indeterminate, so they take quite a while to get going (I shaded mine with potato plants for two months by accident this past year which didn’t help).


Dester, Hungarian Oxheart, Salvaterra, Cuor di Bue, and Milka’s Bulgarian Red might be up your alley. The aforementioned are some of my favorites I’ve been growing for many years.


Wow thanks for all the suggestions and beautiful photos!

I think this one that @cdamarjian grows might fit the bill for you. It is on my list to try as well, she posted photos here: