Tomatoes Provençal


Made this for a photo shoot last night. It was about using herbs.


OMG beautiful!


Looks great! I’ve used the NY Times recipe for this before, do you have a different one you prefer?


There is some ingredient in the nyt times recipe I do not use.

I use oregano, thyme, garlic, olive oil, i use one medium tomato seeded per person. I slice off the top and a bit of the bottom do they sit up straight. Sea salt, black ground pepper to taste. A tiny tab-of butter on each tomato. I mix my toasted white bread crumbs with all of these ingredients, stuff the tomato, pop it in the oven fir 10-12 minutes at 350. Pull out from the oven. Sprinkle in a nice mound of parmesan cheese, stick in a very short sprig of rosemary for more flavor, goes back into the oven for ten minutes more orbuntil the parmesan cheese is golden brown. So good!!!


Beautiful and looks delicious!