Tomatoes you have to try in 2018!


I hope this thread will be a good source for proven tomato champions between countless tomato varieties!

I am personally looking for an early determinate tomato I have to try. I have few spots left for short tomato plants, any suggestions?

I can recommend to try 4th of July if you didn’t try it yet - true to the name super early, very productive, snack size( golf-ball size or a bit bigger) tasty tomato that also makes wonderful juice. My main “working horse” tomato for everything - juice, canning, fermenting, snacking form the bush, cut in salad.


Have you grown Bellestar? It is not a variety I would suggest for everyone, but where you live is worth growing.


Nope, let me read on this one!


Oregon Spring is popular here for an early, fairly large tomato, but it has a very limited season. Seems to grow short and quick, set a few fruit with perhaps a second flush, and then quit.


that is not necessary a bad thing - at the second half of the season I am so fed up with tomatoes, so some of them quitting on its own is a blessing :grin:
Interesting thing is, that as of now I know 4 determinate tomatoes - Defiant, Triumph and two just suggested - they all are paste tomatoes. Are there any juicier ones in determinate?


I recommend Red Brandywine, a most delicious salad tomato! Pretty shape too!


Galinas, Oregon Spring isn’t a paste tomato, but a slicer. Although it is nearly seedless.


Good to know, I just assumed from description(good for ketchup and sauces), that it has to be on a dry side.


Mine have been pretty juicy. I won’t claim it’s the best tomato but it is good for such an early one.

Some ads claim it bears over a long period, but that hasn’t been my experience. I hope it works for you if you try it.


While technically not a determinate, Picardy is still a very compact plant. I especially like Picardy for a canning tomato but it is also a good flavored slicer.


How tall they grow, do you know? They will be planted about 4’ apart from my future apricot tree, I don’t want them to overpower it.


A potential problem with planting tomatoes close to fruit trees is Verticillium wilt. Tomatoes easily catch this fungal infection, spores get into the soil, tree roots get infected, and the tree dies.


Oh, I didn’t know that. I always was worry about phytophthora, not about Verticillium wilt. Unfortunately, the spot the apricot goes in is a former garden bed, so at some point either tomatoes or other plants from the same family did grow there. I guess I have to check the tomatoes I plant are resistant. Actually I never had any tomato wilt, a lot of blights, case of canker ones many years ago, but no wilt. I guess with mt tight space I have to accept the risk. There is no other place to put the apricot.


Mrsg47 - Hope you are well - Happy New Year! Are the Red Brandywine an heirloom tomato?




That’s great, I’ll have to try those this coming season!


Here’s a determinate that I tried to grow a couple years ago, called Cyril’s Choice. It was the smallest plant compared to all my indet’s. I grew two of them, and they both were no more than 3-4’ tall.

Because of disease issues and heavy rains that year, I didn’t get to try hardly any fruit off of it. But, this site (where I bought the seeds) speaks highly of it. I’ve bought just about all my tom seeds from this site, very reasonable prices.