Took a vacation day for grafting!

Camelo and Cherimowest pawpaw thanks @JustPeachy .

Jujubes grafted were Honey Jar, So, Sandia, Black sea, Russian 2, Chico, Bok Jo, Alcalde #1, Hetian Jade and all are potted for the new house next March.

5 feet tall Honey Jar from green cutting rooted 3 years ago. Looking forward to a bunch of suckers for HJ clones on own root.

4 feet tall Orange Beauty from green cutting rooted from 3 years ago. Suckers are welcome too for clones.

JT-02 Hybrid persimmon

Nikita’s Gift Hybrid persimmon potted for life and overwinter in garage.

Tam Kam nonastringent crossed with Chocolate for trials. Not sure what kind of fruit will be.

Multi grafted apple with 10 varieties.


I dugged up a large root from a 14 years old Dwarf Red Fuji from Starkbros for grafting onto it. I buried the root about 3 weeks ago and now it sprouting. I will bark graft a Rubinette apple
Scion onto the root in a few days. This is an exciting experiment if it takes from a dugged up root. Hopefully it will stay Dwarf.


I might as well do it now since I got some free time. I will update the result in a few weeks.

Finally got a Red Asian pear grafted tree potted.


I’m real close to taking a day or two so I have a long weekend to finish my gardening projects. I’m exhausted all week and the rain plays games with me on my days off, so the encouragement to procrastinate is greater than the encouragement to finish anything.

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