Took the day off

I took a vacation day and mowed the yard. I find looking at blossoms soothing like a zen garden, maybe I like them as much as the fruit. Here is the red bud I can’t bring myself to replace with a fruit tree. It’s spring blossoms are welcome and beautiful


I love Redbud. It’s an amazing sight to see when a tree is covered with such lovely shade of pinkish/lavender flowers.

I even had a weeping one, “Lavender Twist”, that cost me an arm and a leg. Verticiliium wilt did not love my two Redbuds :cry:


That is sad, here they grow wild every where and are almost a nuisance. When I was a small boy we moved to Missouri and built a house in the woods. Dad hired a dozer man to dig out the house site, there was a tiny red bud just out side of the foundation lines. I asked mom to have them save it for me. The dozer pushed it over and I cried, after they finished dozing dad set it back up and tamped the dirt around it so I would feel better. It lived and still grows today above their two story house.


Redbud is one of of my favorite native flowering trees. I have a 4-year-old sapling in my front yard, that I grew from a seed I collected in the woods locally here in Maryland. It got a couple blooms last year, but looks like it’s going to be covered this year.


Redbuds are in full glory in my part of Kentucky right now!

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