Took the 'Parfianka' plunge

What’s one more pom among friends? Cute 'lil nubbin starting to leaf out:


Mine should be here next week.

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It’s my most vigorous Pom. Yours will be huge before you know it!

Requires a long hot summer for fruit to ripen properly. :sunglasses:

I think I might be able to meet that requirement. :man_dancing:

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Three to four years old, staying small and fruitful:

The ‘Telecaster of Disaster’ pictured for scale.


Do you prune to keep that size? i am in 6B- 7A and mine is 6 foot and getting too large to protect.

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Yes, I prune to maintain size and shape. Poms can take hard Winter pruning including thinning cuts since they fruit on new wood.

Mid 90’s and triple digits well into October here in Southern California and I have ONE Parfianka on my second year that I’m training as a single trunk.


Poms will not only take our So Cal heat but thrive in it. I’m partial to the tree form pom as well.