Toss or keep (daffodil offsets)?

I planted hundreds of daffodils this weekend. A fair number of the “daughter” or offset bulbs that were attached to the main bulb (Often called “double-nosed”) broke off in transit, and I have maybe an extra 100 of these loose, smallish offsets.

Are they worth planting, or should I just toss them? I imagine they will grow, but probably few will flower. What I’m not sure of is how long it will take them to build up to flowering size.

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They likely won’t flower this season. Could flower next season. For any bulbs that have offsets, you need to separate them. Or they become smaller.

You can give them away, or plant them in separate flower bed. I probably have 2,000 now. Still do not have time to divide most of them.


Plant them. If they aren’t attached, do put them in a separate spot as they may not bloom for a year or two.

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