Tour of my urban "micro orchard"

I live in the city but I’ve managed to cram quite a bit of different stuff in. In 2020, I planted a bunch of apple seeds and this year I’ve grafted them started to framework them. I also added a 36’ long cordon with 18 apple trees and an experimental bed for new seedlings. At this point, it looks like many of the grafts are taking.

Grafting and Growing 34 Apple Trees in a City Backyard - YouTube

If anyone wants to see more I can add more pictures (I think).


You have got a nice cordon setup there. I am interested in how you find it works for you long term.

I have got some apples on 3 foot spacing in a tall spindle planting myself.

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The video is really well done . Thanks. I love seeing other peoples trees and orchards.


I’ll keep y’all posted. It gets a bit of shade in the back and it’s closer to a big walnut tree so those trees might not do as well.

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Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I feel the same way, it’s always interesting to see how other folks are growing stuff.

Nice. You mentioned some of the rootstock are seedlings. What are other rootstocks on the row?

They are all on G.214. The seedlings are the ones growing by the fence and in a couple other spots in the yard. They are likely to be Empire or Macintosh offspring, but I also had some Gala and Fuji seedlings as well. The marker I used to indicate what variety washed off, now I use embossed aluminum tags.