Tractor help needed!

Hey everyone. I need some advice on filling up air/water in my tractor tires. I’ve got a Kubota BX25D and the rears came filled with water. It’s been about 3 years since I bought it and front/rear on one side is low. The fronts are air only so I was able to fill it up to the proper tire pressure. however I discovered the rears are filled with air/water. I know I need a air/water valve adapter.

Can anyone help with the procedure to top off a tractor tire with air/water?


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I have a friend with a Kyota and the tires are filled with (wait for it) …

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Here in the frigid north-east we have to use calcium chloride so it won’t freeze in winter. Generally the rear tires are “loaded” from 40% to 75% (the percentage of liquid). You want to be sure to rotate the valve stem to the top of the rotation (12 o’clock). Even then the valve stem will likely be below the level of the liquid because it’s coming through the rim toward the middle of the wheel. Make sure you have or purchase a pressure gauge rated for air and liquid filled (loaded) tires (Morton is one manufacture). They have a “clean out” to release any liquid after you’ve taken your pressure reading.


thanks! I was able to correct my tire problem with your suggestions.

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