Tractor Supply brand backpack sprayer won't build pressure

Last fall I bought a “Ground Work” backpack sprayer from Tractor Supply Co. (it’s their in-house brand) and it worked great right up until it didn’t! I was using it last week and between two sprayer batches, it just stopped being able to build pressure. I could pump the handle a hundred times, but the pressure never built beyond a certain point. The spray was weak and feeble and no matter how much I pumped, it never got better.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this (or even, what’s going on)?

I tired to return it/exchange it but the store only has a 30 day return policy. They told me I’d have to call the manufacturer and see if they could do anything. I told them, they were the manufacturer, and they still told me I’d have to call it in…to “Ground Work” I guess. In my brief attempt to find the phone number I came across the reviews on the Tractor Supply website and they were nearly 100% bad, with very similar stories and problems. No one had a happy resolution to their problem and were stuck with a sprayer that quit after a few days or hours in the field.

Is this thing dead, or did one of you smart people figure out how to fix it!?!!!?


I know that sooner or later I’m going to have a similar problem. I just googled it and came up with this youtube:

Hope it helps.

Thanks! I’m blocked at work, but I’ll check it out at home.

"I know sooner or later I’m going to have a similar problem "

Mark, I hope not, that guys arm hair looks like a grizzly.

I’m joking of course. This is coming from someone who is pretty self conscious (as I get older I have the opposite problem, look more like a naked mole rat than a human being. )

Seriously, I think the video hits the main checkpoints. Generally if there is a problem with sprayers, it’s a clog at some point. Sometimes the orings/gaskets are deteriorated, but those are generally easy to find and replace. Most of the time, its a clog somewhere. My experience, once you dive into a piece of equipment one can figure out the problem if you stay with it.


You might check out the Harbor Freight backpack sprayer. I’ve had one for a couple of years and used it as my main sprayer, and it is still going strong. On sale every so often for $20 (like in May, eg now).

But the reason to check it out is they do sell all or most of the parts for theirs. And there is a decent chance that yours is one they made and someone relabeled. If the innards of yours looks like the HF one in their parts diagram, might be worth a try. (although for anything more than one or two small parts, it may be cheaper to just buy a new HF one).