Tractor Supply fruit and nut trees

On the inside of the store was a display of several fruit, nut, and berry plants. Normally when I walk by they are all leafing out and I’m thinking I don’t want to deal with plants that have broken dormancy but these must have just arrived. I went home with two tiny plants, a nanking cherry and a native hazelnut. For a while these plants looked like they might not survive but I kept them watered as needed and they finally started to grow. These will most likely be used for interstems just to see what effect they impart.


Very nice looking trees. If you send me your address I’ll send you my Squirrels.


i almost grabbed some hazels from them last spring but from what ive read they are strait Americans which unless a specific cultivar usually have small nuts.

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Thanks and please send the squirrels to this location.
Gulf of Mexico
29.607369, -87.567133


I am looking for a green anaconda to take care of my Squirrels, raccoon, and ground hog problems.


I’ve grafted both peach and Japanese hybrid plums onto Nanking (which is actually more closely related to plums than to true cherries). Peach was extraordinarily dwarfed on it.
Don’t know for sure how it’ll work as an interstem, but dwarfing potential is there…


Yes, that is what I expect also. I’m going to try some of the
American hazels as interstems and I hope they will help pollinated my hybrids.

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Thanks for posting this. I’d be interested in trying this. Do you have any photos?

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Sorry, no. That was 20+ yrs ago, in another state.


I bought 3 bare root Redhaven peach trees from TSC. The roots were chopped way back to fit in the packaging. I took some care with them planted them on Berms. 2 out of 3 lived but the turned out to be nectarines.

It’s cool they offer a wade verity of fruit and nut trees but, you really have to baby the seedlings and small rooted cuttings along.


i got a monty cherry 3 years ago from them for $7 on clearance. the whole top had died and only 1 small branch had leaves. after cutting the dead wood off i planted it out in the yard. it flowered heavily this spring and set 40 cherries. not bad for a 1 branch 3 yr.old. i believe if most of the top didnt die it wouldnt have survived at all. the cherries taste better than any of the other 3 U of SK cherries i grow and its the most vigorous. funny thing is, its the only one that grows as a bush instead of a 1 trunked tree. ive read its supposed to be the other way around.