Trademarked equivalents

There are a few store-bought fruit that I’ve been impressed by over the years and I’m trying to find a source for scions/grafted trees on the off chance that they are at all legally available in the trade:

  • “Taylor’s Gold” / Russett Comice pear - harder to come by in stores over the past couple seasons. I had one once that was so intensely sweet with such heavy cinnamon spice, it reminded me of a sapodilla and a Maru persimmon. New Zealand nurseries often have it for sale online and Raintree Nursery here in the US had it in stock a while back, but it’s since been delisted. A scion must be somewhere out there.

  • “Green Dragon” / Washu 1984 apple - apparently an heirloom. Maybe in a private collection?

  • “Flavor Gator” plumcot - raspberry jam, dark cherry flavor with no acidity. Sold by Family Tree Farms in August every year. Some of their other stonefruit have non-trademarked names, but I haven’t been able to find the equivalent of this one. Thought it was Flavor Supreme because of the similar mottled skin, but that is associated with the brand name “Dinosaur Egg” and the flesh is not as deep red.

The germplasm repository in Corvallis has Taylor’s Gold, as do I.

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Is Taylor’s Gold as good as classic Comice? Been thinking about grafting it.

Yes, I think so. I haven’t grown classic Comice, but I’ve tried it at tastings. Taylor’s gold from the grocery store are very good. I’ve grafted it to a quince tree, I figured it should be compatible since Comice is. I may also have it on Aronia, I can’t remember if that’s the one that surprised me when I reviewed the tags.