Training Muscat grape over arch trellis

I got this Muscat grape from a neighbor last year and I’d like to train it over this arch trellis if possible.

Not sure exactly what variety of Muscat this is, but what I’ve read indicates Muscats do better with spur pruning instead of cane pruning.

I found this page on diverse grape training systems, seems like a modified vertical cordon would be best?

Should I / can I train the trunk up and down the other side and have the spurs come off of that?

What should I do training/pruning wise this year?

Because of the small space my goal is quality over quantity… growing because I love the taste of Muscat grapes for fresh eating, I am not a huge fan of grapes in general but this one is a favorite.


I’d cut it back to the lowest strong shoot. Run that single shoot up and over the trellis. That will form the center of your cordon in the future. Not much more to it than that from my experience.

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