Training no-longer new branches

I’d like to pull some scaffold branches down closer to horizontal on a couple of apple trees. I should’ve done it last year but was distracted by a brand new baby, so. At this point, these are two or three years old, so not as pliable as they once were. Any suggestions as to how and when I should do this?

I’m by no means an expert, but I think it all depends on the angle of the crotch. If the crotch angle is too narrow you run the risk of breaking the branch when you go to bend it. One approach is to use something called a Dutch cut on a branch, forcing new growth that you can more easily train. Pictures of your tree would be helpful.

My go-to is the hinge. You cut about 40% through the underside of the branch several times with a sharp pruning saw- about an inch apart. Make as many cuts as you need to get the branch to bend and no more.

If the branch is more than half the diameter of the trunk where it begins you are probably best off using the method described above.

There is a longer thread here that goes into more details by Alan and others.

Search hinge and they will come up.