Transplanting 2 big plumcots and a plum

Yesterday and today we dug up our 2 Shaa Kar Pareh plumcots in the greenhouse and moved them into the side orchard. Here’s a photo of the ‘hole’ in the greenhouse left by it and our farmhand holding one of the trees in its new spot in the side orchard.

Each spring the temp in the greenhouse seemed to get ahead of outdoors and we missed the window to dig. The nursery where I bought one of them said to get it out of there ASAP because next year would likely be too late. Fingers crossed. Not optimal to dig & replant after blossom, but before leaf out.

The side orchard seems to be loved by our fruit trees but I had to move both of these trees after flowering out (but before leaf break). Would imagine that’s going to be hard on them.

One more thing complicating this is that I grafted some nectarine scion wood that I really valued onto one of these trees. Three or four of those grafts survived from last year, grew & flowered out. Hope that Shaa Kar Pareh holds onto its grafts.

The Inca plum will be worse. We’re doing that tomorrow, but it’s already flowered and is starting to leaf out. I added Mychorizzhal fungi to the all roots before planting in the new holes outside and also added Menefee humates and Gypsum to the holes. Any other advice for helping to ensure that these 3 trees survive?